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    I would like to welcome you to the homepage of Dr. Susanne Lentrodt.
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    Our goal

    is to help your pet with modern medicine at the highest level and detailed consultation.
  • Your pets

    Your pets

    and especially you feel comfortable while visiting us.
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    My team

    and I am pleased about your visit. Ihre Dr. Susanne Lentrodt
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  • Surgery Philosophy

    Surgery Philosophy

    My duty as your veterinarian is to provide the higest quality of medical and surgical care for your pet. Although
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  • x-ray


    The practice is equipped with a high frequency x-ray. This allows a detailed presentation of fractures of extremities and abnormal
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  • laboratory


    We collaborate with different laboratories, which are able to generate blood counts promptly. This allows us to check all organs
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  • inhalation of anasthesia

    inhalation of anasthesia

    The inhalation of anasthesia allows a gentle anasthesia - ideal for patiens of all ages and different states of health - and
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  • ultrasound


    The sonographic examination of kidney, liver, heart and gastrointestinal tract allows the presentation of the consistence and structure of the
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  • electrocardiography


    During most anasthesias an ECG is used for heart rhythm control. Short- term ECGs can be performed in the praxis,
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  • Payment +

    Financial information and payment policies: Medical treatments and pharmaceuticals have to be paid promptly. We accept EC cards. Emergency hours Read More
  • Approach +

    We are located in the centre of Neufahrn in Bahnhofstrasse 38, which is near to the Marktplatz and next to Read More
  • Contact +

    Tierarztpraxis Dr. Susanne Lentrodt Bahnhofstr. 38 85375 Neufahrn bei Freising Tel. +49 8165 908017 In case of emergency you can Read More
  • Surgery Hours +

    In order to avoid waiting times, and to allow sufficient time for gathering history and physical findings for your pet, please Read More
  • Emergencies +

    in Emergency case you can try to reach me on mobile phone: 0179 1167 162 or please go to a Read More
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